Agios Spyridon in Rethymno, Crete

Agios Spyridon (also written as Agios Spiridon) is a small church built into the cliff below the Venetian fortress of Rethymno. If you are staying in the western part of Rethymno it is a nice hike along the coastline around the Fortezza towards the Venetian Harbour. If you are based in central Rethymno it is an easy walk through the old town to get to the church. You can also park close by, there is ample parking next to the football field, but it can be busy at times.

A flight of stairs leads up to the church and once you make the very short trip up to the entrance you will not only have reached Agios Spyridon, but can also enjoy breathtaking views of the western part of Rethymno and the sea as well as the white mountains. When the white mountains are snow-covered it is a truly gorgeous backdrop. The church is tiny, but has some beautiful icons and bird candleholders – all in a cave setting. Agios Spyridon is not always open, but it is always worth a try!

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