And off we go… The voyage to Greece – specifically Crete – begins. Waking up 5:00 without an alarm. No we don’t leave on an early flight out of Boston, but there is that restlessness in me that doesn’t let me sleep. Is it nervousness, anxiety, curiosity or something else? Part of it my fear of flying I guess. Our flight won’t leave until 8:25 PM and the car that will drive us from Exeter, RI won’t arrive until 4PM, but I already have sweaty palms. I know it will go well and everything will be fine, but I like firm soil under my feet…except for when I am on a boat. The sea…the ocean is a friend to me – it’s the scent, the look and the feel of riding or gliding on a mighty pool of water full of life. More on that at another point in time.

Last minute preps now…what do we take, what do leave behind. The feeling that this is not a holiday, but a life changing move has not sunk in yet. How will our dogs Buttercup and Peanut cope with two flights and a ferry ride? While we are packing the rest of our belongings up our puppies are getting visibly curious and jittery…they know something is up! A last stroll with pups and Joanie in the wonderful Arcadia area and then the wait for our car service to arrive.

4 PM – a black Lincoln pulls up. Now it is adventure time. Two humans, two little dogs, two suitcases, two backpacks (one of which is friggin’ huge and heavy) and two crates with dogs are on the way! First stop Boston – Logan Airport – two hours to get there. Phew, checking in, paying extra monies for the pups and now security. Electronics out, shoes off, puppies out of the crates since we might have rigged them with bombs. Puppy training paid off, they were pretty calm. A last bite to eat at before boarding – a crowded and overpriced airport restaurant…what’s new?

Boarding is next – we gave up a Premium Economy seat to another passenger so the whole family could sit together in regular economy class. Fine with me…anything to keep me and the puppies calm. A seven hour hop later we arrive in Munich airport (Germany) in the morning of 28th (local time). Puppies were fed up with being in their crates cramped under the seat in the end, but it beats having them stowed in a kennel in the belly of the plane (probably next to my suitcase loaded with stinky socks).