And so it begins…a new chapter in life.

Have you ever felt like you want to give it all up and have an adventure?  Bring some excitement back into your life?

Amazingly enough, at least to us, we’ve decided to do just that!  We are selling it all – home, car, belongings – and moving to Greece.  Our decision came out of a casual conversation regarding places in the world that we loved and could actually see ourselves living in.

We’ve traveled a bit — and Jens (who in a native of Germany) lived in Japan for 16 years.  For him, changing countries is not new.  For me – well, I was born and raised in America.  Sure, I’ve done some traveling, but the US has always been my home.

Follow us on our adventure!  We’ll document our process from the very beginning to give you a sense of the obstacles we face, and how we overcome them.  We hope to inspire our readers to follow their own dreams.

We also aim to give you two perspectives — I tend to be the worrier in our relationship.  I worry about time, and money, and the practicalities.  Jens is much more laid back, so his take on things will be entirely different.

Thanks for joining us!