Archaeological museum of Kissamos

Museum visits can be fun, but the enjoyment is a little diminished when crowds are herded through the museum with you. Lucky for us we went to the small but fine “Archaeological Museum of Kissamos” at the end of the tourist season and we were the only visitors during our tour.

The museum is housed in a Veneto-Turkish city monument known as the Diokitirio (“Government House”). Its exhibits provide a historical picture of the most important city-states in western Crete, including Polyrrhenia, Phalasarna, and the Greco-Roman city of Kissamos from pre-historic times to late antiquity. Mosaic floors, concealed coin hoards and a 4th. century BC female tomb with a large number of grave goods are some of the exhibits visitors may admire at the museum.

taken from the little flyer we found at the museum

What the flyer stated is true and we were especially impressed with some of the mosaics and the coin collection. Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to take pictures of any exhibits *sigh*, so if you visit you will have to take pictures with your mind.

As stated above, the museum is small but it is a nice change of pace when you are tired of the beach, sunburnt and need to stay indoors or don’t want to be carted around in a bus for one of the many tours available on Crete.

How to get there from Chania:

Opening hours, admission & contact:

Open daily except Mondays from 8:30 to 15:00
Admission: 3 Euro for adults, 1.5 Euro for children
Tel: 28220-83308