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Our first Sunday in Meskla

Our first Sunday in Meskla. We wake up early to the sound of roosters, soon followed by church bells calling worshipper to come to the mass. Church bells start ringing at 7:30 AM every 30 minutes and mass starts at 9 AM. As mass began we were stunned by the chant from the priest echoing through the valley. Eerie, haunting and completely surreal. I will definitely have to get that on audio to post here. 11 AM – We load the puppies into the car to do a little excursion to Kolymbari and get some grocery essentials for the...

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The first evening in Meskla, Crete

We end the day by walking our dogs past the beautiful church of Meskla and the local taverna next to it to have an early dinner. Jackpot! You can find our opinion on the Taverna Halaris right here. The young owner Kiriakos, who was serving us, spoke English very well and at the end of the meal sat down with us to have some – or should I say lots of – raki (home-made again of course). Dessert was greek yoghurt topped with sweat peaches in syrup, which was made by his mom. I did not know tastebuds could...

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The ferry and arrival on Crete

The ferry and arrival on Crete A very smooth ferry ride, a good sleep and a noisy on board announcement of impending arrival at Souda port we pack up the suitcases/backpacks we had torn apart for the night. The showers we wanted to take in the cabin did not happen – dear Crete island, please welcome two stinky foreigners with open arms…pretty please! After a brief stroll of the puppies we meet with the agent of the rental car service in the parking lot of the port – we opted for a VW Polo – big enough to fit...

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Europe, here we are!

Europe, here we are! Munich airport beware – the Griswolds have arrived! There is supposed to be a pet relief area inside security, but whoever we asked had no answer. So we bit the bullet, got outside of the airport and strolled the pups. A beautiful morning and there is something nice coming of an airplane in the morning, grabbing some a nice sandwich with ham, cheese, butter and some veggies. By sandwich I don’t mean some sh*t slammed between two slices of wonderbread…I mean the real crunchy crispy bread that you get in Germany. First bliss of the...

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And off we go…

And off we go… The voyage to Greece – specifically Crete – begins. Waking up 5:00 without an alarm. No we don’t leave on an early flight out of Boston, but there is that restlessness in me that doesn’t let me sleep. Is it nervousness, anxiety, curiosity or something else? Part of it my fear of flying I guess. Our flight won’t leave until 8:25 PM and the car that will drive us from Exeter, RI won’t arrive until 4PM, but I already have sweaty palms. I know it will go well and everything will be fine, but I...

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