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Life on Crete: Hair Issues

Hair Issues So, as most women out there know, one constant in your life, no matter where you live – is your hair salon!  One of the challenges I’ve faced with all of the moves I’ve made, is finding the right new hairdresser. Some places were harder than others (I’m looking at you Fort Lauderdale). Oh, and did I mention that my curly, thick hair despises the water on Crete?  Soft water, hard water — I don’t know!  I’ve been nothing but a snarly mess over the last month, despite my best efforts.  I finally resorted to rubbing the glorious local...

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Palace of Knossos – Crete, Greece

Palace of Knossos Travel guides for Crete abound with information related to the Palace of Knossos complex in Heraklion – and for good reason.  These Minoan ruins, subject of much controversy with regard to how they were discovered and reconstructed, are definitely worth a visit. Taking the National Highway, there is a well marked exit for Knossos.  Directions are a little less clear once you are actually on the exit ramp though, but we sorted ourselves out easily enough.  The road out to Knossos is busy, with lots of roundabouts and traffic lights – but it’s a straight shot once you...

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Ancient Aptera – Crete

Ancient Aptera Sitting high above Souda and Chania on the northwest side of the island of Crete, Ancient Aptera stands guard in the clouds over the entrance to Souda bay.  Roughly 15 km outside of Chania, Aptera is an accessible archaeological site that continually intrigues us.  The drive up into the area is beautiful, and the views (in every direction) once you arrive are just awe-inspiring. We’ve found that the site is the perfect combination of wildness and ancient history, without the formality of other, more well-known historical sites.  Visitors are free to roam, and it’s very easy for one to imagine...

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Cities & Villages: Agia Pelagia

Cities & Villages: Agia Pelagia We decided to take some time to go visit Knossos before high season hit, and see some of the country side closer to Heraklion, which is about 120 km from where we are based.  Knossos, which is open year round, has been high on our must do list. The perfect plan included staying a few nights in a village 30 minutes outside of Knossos – Agia Pelagia.  This village, right on the ocean, gets relatively busy in high season, but in early April it was quiet and laid back.  We rented an apartment outside of the...

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Selino Fortress, Paleochora

Selino fortress, Paleochora Paleochora, on the southwest side of Crete, is one of our favorite little towns.  It is built on the ruins of an ancient city that was named Kalamydi.  The town has about 11 km of coastline that runs along the Libyan Sea.  With stunning beaches that have crystal clear water, Paleochora is a relaxing place to spend a few days. Situated on a peninsula, Paleochora has an ancient ruined fortress right at the tip of the city called Selino Kasteli.  It was built in 1278 by the Venetian general Marino Gradenigo, and has been destroyed and rebuilt...

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