Balos beach and lagoon in Western Crete

So, one of the beaches everyone is raving about was on our agenda. It was part of a boat trip that took as to Gramvousa island with its must-see fortress, the Gramvousa beach and finally Balos. There are two ways to reach this lagoon, either by boat or by a car ride on a gravel road and a hike down (and up when you are done sunbathing or swimming) the hill (or shall I say mountain?).

For our first visit we took the easy route – boat! Leaving from the harbour close to Kissamos/Kasteli the last stop was the Balos beach and lagoon. Arriving together at a beach together with a few hundred other beach hungry fellows is never a good thing in my opinion, but that is what you get when a spot is popular.

Here are a few pictures we took during our 2.5 hours stay there:

Now, the big question is: Is it worth visiting? Yes! The lagoon is pretty, the surroundings are gorgeous…however, if you want to go swimming beware of the very, very slippery rocks going in. If you want to just run into the water for a nice swim – forget about it. Once you made your way past the rocks it is really nice and snorkeling is fun there as well. The shallow parts of the lagoon are sandy and nice for families with smaller kids.

We have not checked out the amenities there yet, but we will back to Balos before the next season starts. Next time we will go by car to see it from above and have more time to explore the lagoon. Stay tuned for an update!