Flashback: Buying a washing machine

Our first major purchase after arriving on Crete had to be a washing machine since the house we rented came fully furnished, but without this one crucial piece of equipment. Now, where to buy it?

At first we pondered the idea of ordering it online and getting it delivered, but our Greek language capability was (and still is) very limited. Dreading a drive into the next biggest city, Chania, we decided to just take a peak at a store in Kolymbari.

We got lucky and found a decently priced model that we liked. Now, about delivery…a washing machine doesn’t exactly fit into the trunk of a compact rental car. No problem there – they deliver for friggin’ FREE! A phone call to the delivery guys by the store owner later and we were told that they can be at the store to pick it up in 45 minutes. Say WHAT?

Well, we were not at home (obviously), but were told that the delivery guys would follow us – a good thing since we do not have an address anyway. Yes, that’s right…we just live in Meskla (name of the village) and that’s all you get for an address.

Since we were starving, we decided to have lunch at Palio Arhontiko and asked if we could come back in 1.5 hours – no problem there. Despite telling our friend Vasili at the restaurant that we have limited time it took us 2.5 hours for lunch…back at the store we found out the delivery guys were actually driving around the town trying to find us. Say WHAT?

The pickup truck is waiting...

The pickup truck is waiting…

Anyway, we found the washing machine loaded up on the back of a pickup truck, no packaging whatsoever (they secured it nicely though) since you buy what you see on the sales floor. So off we go assuming we would take the lead, but they knew the general direction and took off, heading straight for the national road. That would have been no problem, but the truck with our washing machine went at 120 km/h instead of the legal limit of 70 km/h.

Buying a washing machine - the chase

Buying a washing machine – the chase

We finally caught up with them once we left the national road to head up into the mountains. Despite sweating for our lives and that of the washing machine, we made it in one piece. They brought the washer in, installed it and after a couple of shots of Tsikoudia together everybody was happy.

Two-day delivery? One-day delivery? Screw that – shop local and get it delivered home right away!