Carnival in Kalives

Once a year the little village of Kalives in the Apokoronas municipality of Crete turns into a carnival hotspot. While it might not be able to compete with the massive carnival in Rethymno, which happened on the same day – March 13th this year – it is still great fun without the massive crowds. Several thousand people flock into the Kalives and on this day the population on 1,400 is easily tripled by visitors.

Apart from the main parade with handmade floats which are towed by all varieties of vehicles (ATVs, tractors, pickup trucks, SUVs…you name it!), small vendors with goods for the kids and a variety of foods line the main street.

The carnival in Kalives is not just about watching the parade or the vendors and food. It is very much about the people who take pride and have fun in participating, be it on a float in the parade or in dressed up as a bystander. The smiles on the faces of children are priceless and I bet this year the minion float took the cake for them.

As you can see, the weather was not that great, but we already look forward to next year’s carnival and – who knows – maybe Rock That Road will be participating in the parade as well…King of Kalives sounds good to me!