While travelling Crete you will have many moments that go by in the blink of an eye without the chance of recording them or taking a picture. In our Video Journeys we showcase some of the best videos we have found of the places we visited or plan on visiting soon. We would like to thank the creators of these videos and hope you enjoy a taste of Crete!

Visit Chania, Crete

A day in the Old Town of Chania, the jewel of Crete. Discover its beauties as we follow a couple destined to meet each other amongst its historical, cobbled streets.

Video Produced by the Municipality of Chania and Indigoview Productions.

Artemis Anagnostaki
Manos Kteniadakis
Christopher Beeching

Theo Papadoulakis

Director of Photography
Christine Schmitthenner

Allan Michael

Colour Grading
Giorgos Pantazis

Sound Design
Allan Michael
Anastasis Efentakis

Sound Mixing
Anastasis Efentakis

Production Assistants
Astrid Blümlein
Manolis Levendelis

Alexis Kouvaritakis

Johann Strauss "An der schönen blauen Donau"

Project Supervisors
Gabriel Kouris (Municipality of Chania)
Nektarios Zorbakos (Municipality of Chania)

Dimitris Xenakis
Ioanna Davi

We'd like to thank the wonderful people of Chania for their support!

Visit Chania, Crete