There is nothing like a holiday on Crete and we are on a quest to find the best videos that showcase Crete – the beaches, the people and the food. Here is one of the pearls we dug up…enjoy!

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Crete Incredible Hospitality

This video is all about the hospitality on Crete which we have experienced in various forms as well. From neighbours bringing cooked food or freshly picked fruits to being invited to food and drinks at a raki distillery in the village. Oh, and there is that unforgettable memory at Taverna Rizinia where I “enjoyed” a present of a bag of oranges…loved the gesture, but after a gruelling hot and sweaty uphill hike through a gorge I still had to make the way back on foot. Luckily I got a stick and shoulder padding as a present as well…

Rizinia - being sent home with oranges in tow

Rizinia – being sent home with oranges in tow

Region of Crete – Official tourism campaign 2013 spot.
Golden City Gate Berlin 2015 Tourism Multimedia Awards – Golden Award in the Category "Region"
Zagreb Tourfilm Festival Croatia 2014: 2nd place Best Film up to 3 minutes

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Directed by Theo Papadoulakis, IndigoView Productions
Edited by Allan Michael

Music: Manolio Revised – TO TALARO GOOD REMIX

Visit Crete, Greece