Dictina – a restaurant with a view in Kolymbari

Although we are frequenting restaurants mainly for the food, a nice atmosphere, setting or view never hurts. Apart from several restaurants at the seaside promenade you will also find a couple of eateries with a balcony at the small port of Kolymbari. One being the fabulous Argentina and the nearby Dictina – if your group splits up you can wave at each other from the balconies!

Apart from overlooking the harbour/port area with its fishing boats, the promenade and beaches of Kolymbari you can also just stare out into the wide open seas and daydream (or nightdream, depending on the time of day). The wait staff is friendly and the interior is that of a solid taverna, but still grab a seat on the balcony. Two benefits – less noise when busy and of course the view.

For this visit we picked stuffed zucchini flowers (which came with tzatziki) as an appetizer. Our main courses were a souvlaki with french fries and the Cretan Dish. The Cretan Dish caught our attention since it offers you three great Greek dishes on one plate: Moussaka, Boureki and Stuffed Tomatoes – great for enjoying a variety of tastes without breaking the bank.

Overall a good place to grab a bite to eat, although we liked a couple of other places in Kolymbari better. Just to be clear: we only visited once and all taste buds are different. 🙂 Dictina gets good reviews on some other sites, so make sure to read those as well before you make your dinner plans in Kolymbari!