Dinner at Macaris Suites & Spa

Life is good when you treat yourself to a special dinner, but what makes an even more special dinner is when the chef is cooking dinner just for you. Yes, that is possible at a very, very reasonable price at the Macaris Suites & Spa. We arranged the dinner prepared by Chef Costas together with the front desk one day in advance, a five course meal just tailored for us!


The taste bud party got started: Bruschetta with a blend of yoghurt, cheeses, peppers and garlic chives. How does that sound? Well, not as good as it tasted. I could have gone all night long just on this and forgone the rest of the meal.

Next up:

Tagliatelle with bacon, pepper and mushroom in a white sauce…the exact ingredients will remain a mystery to us since Chef Costas would not tell us. I guess a chef has to keep his secrets when his or her dish is good. Not some glorious pasta you would find in Italy, but the overall flavour combination was really, really nice.


When in Greece you should want to have a salad with every meal – a rule that I break too often, but not this time. A solid greek salad here, nothing over the top. With the fresh produce you find on the island, it is hard to mess up a salad, you just have to know where to get the vegetables that stand out among the rest of the good to make it very good – and Chef Costas did.

Main Course:

Sole with mixed vegetables (peppers, zucchini, carrots) and potatoes was up for the main course, arranged by the chef as requested the day before. We really like sole, so when Costas suggested one of our favs, it was a no-brainer. The dish was cooked to perfection with a vegetable preparation that was more mainstream European cuisine. It was an interesting and welcome contrast to the traditional fare. Simply put – good!


Following all the goodness we already had we were sensory-forced to stuff some Cretan cheese pies into our bellies. Thankfully there was enough room left to savour these delicious savoury and sweet bites. Dessert was accompanied by a small flask of raki, making it a perfect ending to a splendid meal.

Thank you Chef Costas, we will be back for more!

Dinner at Macaris Suites & Spa

A few more words:

A la carte dining is available during season at the Skylounge restaurant overlooking the mediterranean sea. Special courses requests like we described above are also available for diners who are not staying at the hotel unless it is fully booked.

We apologize for the poor picture quality on this post since we were actually just planning to enjoy the meal. The pictures don’t do the food justice…

This is where the magic happened:

If you are planning to stay in Rethymno and want to pamper yourself a little bit, here is a recommendation for you: Macaris Suites & Spa offers apartment-style rooms, indoor and outdoor pools as well as a spa.

Rooms are clean and spacious and have floor heating, so even during a trip in winter you will be nice and cozy. Add a nice sea view from a big balcony and you have a winner!