Europe, here we are!

Munich airport beware – the Griswolds have arrived! There is supposed to be a pet relief area inside security, but whoever we asked had no answer. So we bit the bullet, got outside of the airport and strolled the pups. A beautiful morning and there is something nice coming of an airplane in the morning, grabbing some a nice sandwich with ham, cheese, butter and some veggies. By sandwich I don’t mean some sh*t slammed between two slices of wonderbread…I mean the real crunchy crispy bread that you get in Germany. First bliss of the day! Well, actually second bliss…the first one was to get off the plane.

A few hours layover – more time to kill. Walking around, getting some Euro so that we can actually pay for stuff while in Munich and later in Greece of course. Before boarding our flight to Athens we grab some more food, some beef carpaccio and some Apfelstrudel (like an apple cobbler with some wonderful, soupy custard) – and surprise – both were really good! The restaurant had sort of a weird old world charm with waiters that were trying to exude an aura of noblesse, but it came out more as some sort of comedy to me.

Off to the plane and a little over two hours of white knuckles for me. Puppies were really anxious and restless now as well and tried to chew their way out of their crates. My better half slept almost the whole flight while I couldn’t wait to get out of that sardine can in one piece. Well, I am still in one piece as of writing this, so I made it!

We arrived at a little after 6PM and had reserved a car service to drive us to the ferry port of Piraeus, Greece. The drive waited at the exit – all set to go for the last part of our journey to Crete! What we did not anticipate was the utter chaos that would await us at the ferry port. Cars, pedestrians, trucks all mangled into one big glob of mayhem. While our driver secured a waiting spot I jumped out of the car to go to the ticket booth to claim our tickets which we had reserved online and that part went smoothly. Another 30 minutes of waiting and we were ready to board…Joanie took the puppies and crates, two suitcases and two backpacks (one on my back one on my front, so it was really a front pack). Up some escalators, walkways and to the reception…but wait…reception was not open yet. 45 minutes later (with some rude talk from the ship’s stewards) we finally got the keys to our cabin – what a relief!

Now, you can have puppy dogs on board…but they are not allowed to walk in every area. We still took a little excursion on the ferry with the puppies. We decided to have our dinner in the only restaurant area that was not self-service and – surprise again – the food was really good. Excellent lamb chops and a creamy Moussaka which was to die for. Off to the cabin to lay down for the overnight eight and a half hour ride to Chania’s Souda port on Crete.