Galera Restaurant in Rethymno, Crete

Christmas Day in Rethymno, Crete and after having spent a few days in a more rural setting in the Psiloritis mountain area with a lot of lamb on our plates we decided it was time for some fish. We opted for “Galera” a restaurant/taverna in walking distance to our hotel, the excellent Macaris Suites and Spa.

Since we arrived at a fairly early time for Greek dinner standards (around 7 PM) we had the place to ourselves in the beginning. Located right at the sea (which we could not see), Galera is definitely a contender for best scenic dining views in the western part of Rethymnon. We checked back the following day during daylight to confirm this assumption.

A bright and modern sea/beach/naval inspired interior plus the warm greetings of our waiter nick-named “Tolis” made us sea-loving people feel right at home. A shot of Raki on the house right off the bat and a fireplace close to our table did not hurt our first impression either. Together with the Raki we also recieved some rusk, tomato dip, olives and cheese.

While nibbling on the little rusks and having too many pieces of the delicious bread that was brought we deliberated about our main course. The menu is very extensive with many mezze, poultry, pork and seafood options, so you are going to have a hard time choosing – be warned! We had our heart, mind and tummy set on whatever lurked in the mediterranean sea the night before and asked our waiter for a recommendation. Despite being an island anything from the sea that is larger than your middle finger can be pricey and is usually priced by the kilogram, but since it was Christmas Day a “real” fish seemed just right. With Tolios being our guide, we chose a fish, which he brought to our table before preparation, a mixed salad and a nice bottle of white wine to go with it.

The mixed salad was a delightful mix of greens, tomatoes and peppers with vinegar and olive oil dressing, a perfect salad before fish. Pictured in the gallery below is the small version of the salad and the two of us were not able to finish it…

The fish we chose was spira (gold blotch grouper) and we went with the recommendation to have it grilled. Accompanying the fish were seasonal greens, cooked but served cold, which were very good. The meal came to a sweet end with complimentary orange cake and ice-cream. Yum!

Our verdict:

Great service and conversations with the staff (lucky for us they were not busy) and excellent food in a relaxed setting. A little pricier than most places we frequent on Crete, but this was mostly due to the fact that we ordered a whole, nice fish and a bottle of wine from the wine menu. We will definitely be back at Galera at some point! If we have wetted your appetite for visiting Rethymno – here are some places to stay.