Gerani beach on October 24th, 2015

It was one of those rainy days in Meskla yesterday, but we still had errands to run and besides some basics we needed to get, the pet store in Gerani was on the list for some puppy food and treats. We did not realize that it was quite stormy at the coast until we arrived there and where basically unprepared to take some good video. You can check out what we were able to capture in the video above.

Here are a few snaps as well:

What we also didn’t know (hey, we live in the mountains!) was that the storm over the Mediterranean Sea caused quite some disturbances on the coasts of Crete. Apparently there was flooding on the National Road, plus a tornado destroyed a warehouse at Ierapetra and a road split at Heraklion – among other things.

It was a reminder for us that even though we do live not that far from the coast, the weather can be quite a different animal a short car ride away.