Gramvousa island beach in Western Crete

If you are taking one of the regularly scheduled boat trips to the Balos lagoon from the port of Kissamos/Kastelli, chances are high that you will end up on Gramvousa island on the way. There are actually two Gramvousas in close proximity of each other: Imeri Gramvousa, which we are talking about here, and the less hospitable Agria Gramvousa.

The main attraction on Gramvousa island is the Venetian fortress, covered in a separate post, but the beach is nothing to sneeze at either.

Unfortunately we did not have the time to take a swim at the Gramvousa island beach due to time constraints with our boat trip – we simply spent all our time exploring the fortress. The beach is a bit rocky, which might make for a slippery walk into the water (same as in the Balos lagoon), but as you can see from one of the pictures above, it is almost deserted when the big boats are gone.

We are surely thinking about doing a private boat trip to the island next year….