Inochoos in Topolia, Western Crete

Before moving to Crete the village of Topolia, located about 10km inland from Kolpos Kissamou, was on our list of interest since we saw a lovely house for sale there. We did not end up in Topolia, but took a drive up to check it out for a bit and decided to have lunch at the Taverna Inochoos.

Inochoos is located right on the main road in Topolia and you’ll surely pass it when making your way to the Elafonissos (Elafonisi) beach. Outdoor seating (next to the road, lovely for watching rental cars passing by) and indoor seating is provided. We decided to go for indoors since there were was a valley and village view to be had.

The setting:

Water, ouzo, a frappe and some really good bread kicked off our meal. It was hard not to overeat on the bread, a little crunch on the outside and just the right amount of moisture and density on the inside (hey! I am German, I am genetically predetermined to know good bread).

Next up were stuffed courgette flowers which had a nice flavor on the outside, but fell a little short on the taste of the filling which me and wifey like herby. Nevertheless, they were good overall.

Our main dishes were the Rabbit-Onion stew (stifado) and grilled chicken. The rabbit in the stifado was tender and flavorful and I am glad I still had bread left to dip into the outrageously good sauce. Chicken was cooked well with good seasoning, not disappointing either. Both were served with fried potatoes which were crispy with a nice bite and inside fluffyness.

The food:

Overall a good experience for lunch and we will surely be back to check out more dishes.