While travelling Crete you will have many moments that go by in the blink of an eye without the chance of recording them or taking a picture. In our Video Journeys we showcase some of the best videos we have found of the places we visited or plan on visiting soon. We would like to thank the creators of these videos and hope you enjoy a taste of Crete!

Visit Kalyves, Crete

Kalyves, Chania

Today we are taking you to the wonderful village of Kalyves, a relaxing spot about 20km east of Chania in Western Crete, Greece. It is an ideal place for families or a romantic getaway – and a great place to live in, too!

Experience Greek hospitality without massive tourism and overcrowded beaches. Kalyves is especially lovely in the shoulder seasons when the crowds start to dwindle. You will find all amenities you need when renting an apartment: local supermarkets, bakeries, butchers and much more…all you need if you don’t want to eat out and are vacationing on a budget.

For the restaurant lovers there are plenty of places to enjoy, like Il Forno for a variety of mediterranean dishes, Mythos for Greek food and O Mitsos for some Greek fast food. Of course there are many more places to eat and every taverna has its own charm and specialty. Don’t forget to grab a frappe when heading out to the sandy beach in the morning!

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Filmed, Edited & directed by Babis Galanakis – VideoView

Visit Kalyves, Crete