Kolymbari, Crete

Our past experience in Kolymbari (over 20 years ago) is what led us to consider living in Crete permanently. This little fishing village, at the foot of the Rodopou peninsula in northwest Crete, has so much to offer in a small package.

It is a tranquil village, with cliffs on one side and the sea on the other. We love walking in the village, and eating at the excellent restaurants right on the waterfront. This is not the place for night-life – it is peaceful, and somehow manages to provide exactly the right atmosphere after a long day in the sun sightseeing on the island.

There is an old harbor filled with small fishing boats, surrounded by a “new” harbor that was built to attract larger vessels during tourist season. From here, you can catch a sightseeing boat for a day or just generally relax and people watch.

There are a few small tourist shops, where you can buy the best olive oil in all of Greece (in our opinion!). Kolymbari olive oil is among the most awarded in the world, and its reputation is well deserved.  We can’t resist it!

How to get there:

The beach, which is mostly pebble, goes on for miles. There are sandy sections, and the water is very clear and refreshing for swimming. There are a few resort hotels, but nothing too overwhelming. Kolymbari also has some small cafes and mini-markets and there is an Inka grocery store in town and a  Carrefour just down the road from the village.

Just outside of town, the Moni Gonia Monastery and the Orthodox Academy of Crete are both worth a visit. Like much of Crete, the history of this area is filled with brave people and tragic events.

Kolymbari will always have a special place in our hearts, and our favorite restaurant is located there. Mostly closed during the off season, Kolymbari is a special place in winter to spend some time outside when you just need the ocean!

Ready for an overnight stay or a few days of vacation in Kolymbari? Here is a list of apartments and hotels in the area.