Koumos Kalyves in Apokoronas, Crete

Koumos is one of those unexpected things you sometimes discover while travelling on Crete. It is a hidden gem on less travelled roads, but actually not far away from the major highway and the village of Kalyves.

How to get there:

Outlined belowed is a walking path from the Kalyves Beach Hotel which you will definitely know if you are staying in Kalyves. Wether you are walking or driving to Koumos by car there is a possibility to get lost on the way…look out for spray painted signs on walls at the side of the road that say “ΚΟΥΜΟΣ” and you are good.

The Koumos Experience

Now you know how to get there…but what actually is Koumos? In a nutshell it houses covered in pebbles and sculptures, some crafted and others stones that resemble animals, plus a beautiful taverna. The pebbles and stones that make up Koumos have been collected from all over Crete…that dolphin sculpture you will find has been collected in Elafonissi! Our description doesn’t do the place justice at all so take a look at the gallery below and see for yourself.

A little more info…

Koumos is the work of Giorgos Havaledaki and was started in 1990. The entrance to the premises is free, but you are encouraged to buy a drink to support the upkeep of the place…you will need one anyway if you decide to visit on foot from Kalyves. Plus – it is a very relaxing place to enjoy refreshments and a meal. We sampled a few dishes and the food was good – it is ranked among the best tavernas in the Kalyves area.

During the summer season there will be live music in the evenings at times. Visit one of these events, it is worth it! Sitting under the olive trees while enjoying Cretan dishes and music is a remarkable experience.