There is nothing like a holiday on Crete and we are on a quest to find the best videos that showcase Crete – the beaches, the people and the food. Here is one of the pearls we dug up…enjoy!

Visit Crete, Greece

Video Journeys: The lagoon of Balos

The lagoon of Balos has white sand and exotic white, vivid blue and turquoise waters. The sea is very shallow and warm, so it is ideal for young children. In many places the sand has a lovely pinkish color, because of millions of crushed shells. Beyond the rocks at the boundaries of the lagoon, the water is deeper and cooler – ideal for snorkeling!

We visited Balos at the end of the season last year and you can find some more pictures and our impressions here. If you go by boat you will most likely be heading out from the port of Kissamos and make a stopover at Gramvousa beach on the way.

You can make the trek to the lagoon by car, but the road can be intimidating since it slopes around the coastline with no guard rails in place. You will also have to walk down to the beach from the parking area and the hike back up the hills is very strenuous!

Video: SimplyCrete
Music: Spanoudakis – Thalassa

Visit Crete, Greece