Lake Kournas – Crete, Greece

Lake Kournas is the only natural freshwater lake on Crete and a sight to behold. A beautiful lake with lush vegetation and mountains as a backdrop. The play of the light from the sun and clouds make for sometimes dramatically beautiful colours of the water and the greenery around.

How to get there:

The lake is an easy 30-minute drive away from Rethymno and it does not take that much longer to get there from Chania either. Once you leave the National Road you will have a couple of choices from access roads to the lake. Good parking is available but it might get a little chaotic (as in all popular places on Crete) during the high season.

It is a family-friendly environment at the main area around the lake with Tavernas offering small playgrounds as well as pedal boats and sunbeds/umbrellas available for rent. If you are more of a hiking type you can try to make your way around the 3.5 km (roughly 2 miles) perimeter of the lake.

We recommend a trip to the lake for nature lovers (if you walk out of bounds of the main area) and families with children. During season you can dine in a nice lake-side setting while your little ones are entertained. We visited in off-season when tavernas where closed so we can’t comment on the quality of the food served yet, but seeing some big outdoor BBQ equipment gives us the impression that there might be some good meats to be had. We will visit again in the early season to give you a few pointers for the culinary part.

Even during off-season it is worth a visit but beware that the wind from the mountains can be a bit chilly at times.