Hair Issues

So, as most women out there know, one constant in your life, no matter where you live – is your hair salon!  One of the challenges I’ve faced with all of the moves I’ve made, is finding the right new hairdresser. Some places were harder than others (I’m looking at you Fort Lauderdale).

Oh, and did I mention that my curly, thick hair despises the water on Crete?  Soft water, hard water — I don’t know!  I’ve been nothing but a snarly mess over the last month, despite my best efforts.  I finally resorted to rubbing the glorious local olive oil on my hair and letting it soak in for an hour.  Which actually seemed to help a little bit.

The Challenge

The added challenge in a new country is finding products that may have once been a staple in your routine.  I am happy to use local products (and I have a lovely Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner), but it has taken some time to find the right fix for my hair.

In order to check out local hairdressers on the West end of the island, I googled it!  But, the experience did not live up to my expectations.  There are lots of small shops on Crete, and many still don’t have websites or Facebook pages — or they don’t update often.

With a little help from a friend…

We’ve made a lovely friend named Elizabeth (who has great hair), so she was my next stop.  She was able to recommend a salon right in the little town of Gerani, and I finally had my appointment today.  The salon was modern, and clean, and had a wonderful selection of products.

So, what is different about a salon in Greece, versus anywhere else?  Nothing!  This was a busy, happy place, with lots of chatter and customers.  Although I couldn’t understand the majority of what people were saying, the place had the exact same vibe as every good salon I’ve ever been in.  Maria and Katerina couldn’t have been more accommodating, and spent some time to understand exactly what I was asking for.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!  Great service, great prices, and a fantastic head of hair.  Oh, and, I finally got something to banish the snarlies.  Yay Argan Oil!

One more accomplishment to check off the list, and this one is a big relief.  I found my hair salon.