Monster Zucchini – do they exist?

A post about zucchini…who would have thunk? Observations over the last few weeks brought up the old question again: Does size matter? It also brought forth another question in my twisted mind: Since the Greek god Zeus used to hide close to here, did he infuse the soil with powers that make zucchini grow in the likeness of his manhood? I don’t know, but I know what I see growing here is unreal.

One of our neighbours, or shall I say all of our neighbours, have a patch of land where they grow veggies, olives, citrus and fruits. A few weeks ago I was delighted to see some of those wonderful zucchini flowers that taste so good when stuffed and cooked right. So, the zucchini were there, hanging around the fence with pretty flowers, so obviously I felt the urge to take some pictures:

Pretty flowers, pretty zucchini coming up…time for harvest soon, or so I thought. It seems the owner of the plot has either a different agenda (zucchini growing competition?) or he doesn’t care…or maybe he knows something that I don’t know. A few weeks have passed since the first flower observation, no harvest happening and those f**kers have grown to mondo proportions. Fried zucchini for a group of 50 people? Just pick one zucchini and you’ll still have leftovers.

I put a ball point pen, which is about the length of a “normal” zucchini, into one of above pics to give you a frame of reference. Since I am not blind and my Photoshop skills are not Lucas Art quality the proof is in the pudding: Monster zucchini DO exist!

PS: Tried to get in touch with Zeus, but received no comment from him as of now. I’d like to try to ask Aphrodite but wifey would get pissed.