O Mitsos Kalyves

Looking for some a quick bite to eat while in the Apokoronas area around Kalyves, Almyrida or Kalami? Look no further. Here is our recommendation for a quick, inexpensive bite that locals love as well. O Mitsos is located on the main road of Kalyves a few steps away from the village square in the direction of Kalami (to the west).

What does it offer? In your face Greek food, souvlaki, gyros (starting at 2 Euro!) and just simply meats galore, like the mixed grill platter which offers all of the above and much more for 10 Euro.

Don’t expect fancy here, instead enjoy the mingling with locals and experience what a working Cretan of the area might eat for lunch. A tractor passing by with the driver screaming the order while plugging along just to show up 15 minutes later to pick it up without ever leaving his driver’s seat? Yep, seems like we have drive-through here after all.

Apart from the spit roasted goodness which comes in chicken and pork variety, you will also get great rotisserie food. How about a goat head that is just crispy delicious?

Or…here’s the secret tip: If you are vacationing in one of the self-serve apartments in Kalyves, order the chicken special…a whole rotisserie chicken with french fries for 10 Euro. Just be sure to order that one not too late in the day or this limited super deal will be gone.

Bring your appetite…big portions for little money, that is O Mitsos Kalyves!