Our first Sunday in Meskla. We wake up early to the sound of roosters, soon followed by church bells calling worshipper to come to the mass. Church bells start ringing at 7:30 AM every 30 minutes and mass starts at 9 AM. As mass began we were stunned by the chant from the priest echoing through the valley. Eerie, haunting and completely surreal. I will definitely have to get that on audio to post here.

11 AM – We load the puppies into the car to do a little excursion to Kolymbari and get some grocery essentials for the house. Chaos on the narrow streets around Fournes – some sort of event going on and cars parked everywhere. Once we got to the old beach road we decide to make a short stop on a beach close to Rapaniana, at that part of Crete the beach is covered in stones and pebbles. High waves and red flag greet us, but it is still a wonderful sight on this sunny day.

Next stop: Kolymbari. We park right in the town center close to the sea front which is lined with tavernas catering mostly to tourists. Time for an early lunch and while the fried squid and beef filet were ok it was a far cry from the quality, home cooking we had last night. While the view was nice, Peanut and Buttercup were too enticed by the roaming cats, causing several bark festivals and annoyed looks from some of the older locals who just wanted to enjoy their coffee in peaceā€¦