Palio Arhontiko – more good food in Kolymbari

One of our first stops for lunch in Kolymbari was Palio Arhontiko, located on the Kolymbari seafront where several restaurants and tavernas are lined up. The nice ambience, although sometimes a sign of just banking on a beautiful location and a great setting, convinced us to try out this place and we were not disappointed.

The first difference from surrounding restaurants and tavernas was that the almost always served complimentary Raki was brought before the meal and not after. Brilliant idea since it gives you a little buzz and the food will taste better.

Personally I like nothing more than enjoying food in a nice setting and as said before, Palio Arhontiko is a good place for just that. Here are some pictures to bring the point across.

Location/Setting pics:

Let’s get to the food! Mostly (except for lunchtime only pizzas) Greek food with a wonderful presentation and sometimes a little twist on the usual local fare. The dishes look simply amazing and taste as good as they look.

Food pics:


Very pleased with the service, especially the chats with the owner Vasillis who will gladly recommend you the best dishes and give you information on his concept, ingredients and even sources of the produce, baked goods and meats. Rock That Road will cover the picking of Vasillis’ brain in a separate post at a later time.


Surprisingly, despite the more upscale look of the premises and the “posh” presentation, the bill is not higher than any other eateries in the vicinity. With a couple of drinks, an appetizer or two and two main dishes you will land somewhere between the 30 – 40 Euro mark for two persons. A party of four can easily dine on 60 Euro (with sharing some mezze), unless you order bottled wine off the extensive wine list.