Papadakis – A Fish Taverna in Kissamos

We were strolling over from Telonio beach to the seafront promenade in Kissamos and decided to grab a bite to eat. For some reason we ended up eating at the place furthest away from the beach – Papadakis fish taverna.

We were welcomed warmly and invited to look around the kitchen where all the good stuff was stored and being prepared. We decided to sit outside, right at the seafront with a wonderful view over the bay – you gotta love these moments when the only sound you hear are the small waves brushing the rocks in front of you.

Papadakis – A Fish Taverna in Kissamos

Vibe, setting and location are great – how about the food? We started off with some REALLY nice bread and a tomato & cucumber salad and washed it down with some Retsina wine. Great start, the vegetables were fresh with an ample amount of herbs and olive oil which also served as a nice dipping for the oh-soo-good bread.

Stuffed vine leaves made the way into our stomachs next and no complaints about the taste either. Fresh calamari (not frozen) and a chicken souvlaki with fries rounded out the lovely lunch. But wait – there is more! The complementary cake and ice cream was the final stretch on our run into food coma. We left full and absolutely pleased – a good find in our book!

Papadakis – Food pics

As always, with two people you can only sample a few dishes, but what we ordered was really good. We will be back to try out more! If you decide to visit Papadakis by car, we recommend to park at Telonio beach and take the 5-minute walk over.