Peanut and Buttercup visit Gerani beach

It is December by now and temperatures are dropping a bit on Crete, especially in the mountains. As a result of that we spend more time indoors than in the warmer months. Our little Chiweenie dogs, Peanut and Buttercup, don’t like to spend outside on their ropes while we are in the warm house (I don’t blame them) and as a result they are bored. Furthermore they tend to play less and frustration levels are especially high for Buttercup, who is more whiny than usual.

Meet the puppy dogs:

Since we can not let them roam freely because of stray dogs, cats and sometimes sheep and goats, they frequently enjoy a little free roaming at the entrance to the Sarakina gorge. The puppies enjoy a change of scenery as much as us humans do, so why not take them to a beach to get their energy out…

Gerani beach is great for the puppies during off-season since the beach is wide, there are no tourists (all hotels surrounding the beach are closed) and hardly any strays. As a bonus, there is a freshwater inlet which comes all the way from the mountains so there is no need to carry drinking water for the dogs!