Pizzeria Restaurant Odyssey, Paleochora

You live in Greece, you get great Greek food…but from time to time you crave something different. Today was one of those days and although not haute cuisine we kept to the Southern European vibe – time to visit a pizzeria!

Actually I just lied. Walking around Paleochora we just kinda liked the look of the place, which in turn made pizza sound like a really good idea. There were many neurons firing in our brains that ultimately lead to this decision, but to explain “the why” would take a toll on our dear readers’ download cap, so…let’s just forget about that and head into our humble rant on Odyssey.

The setting is nice on the seafront road of Paleochora, just the road separating tables from the sea. Despite the fact that we went on a December(!) evening, the lovely view made us want to sit outside and no regrets there.

Let us go into the food and drink department now. For the two of us we ordered an asparagus, ham and cheese gratin, the “Calzone 2” and a pizza called “Wolf”. Being extremely hungry, wolfing down a pizza was the prescription of my inner food doctor.

“Calzone 2” was a big monster filled with spinach, courgettes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese and garlic. Perfect ratio of filling to dough and it is enough to fill two persons easily. The “Wolf” pizza had tuna, spinach, onion, garlic and cheese…and a great crust too!

We washed everything down with some white house wine, which was pretty good…actually we did not not wash down everything since we took half of the meal back home. Bread and water was served as the very first starter. The staff was very friendly and allowed us to take time, the right mix of being attentive and non-intrusive.

Our verdict: A great place to go if you want to have pizza or calzone, made in a wood-fired stone oven by the friendly chef Sami. We can not comment on the quality of greek dishes served at Odyssey, but we know for sure that this is one of the best Italian-inspired-dough-using establishments you will find in South-West Crete.

DISCLAIMER: All our opinions on places to eat are limited and influenced by the variety of plates we could handle, our taste buds deficiencies and general mood during the visit. If your experience differs please let us know in the comments below. Alternatively….become a guest blogger and share your point of view with us and fellow Rock That Road readers!