Pizzeria Restaurant Portofino, Paleochora

Our second night in Paleochora for this short trip and after eating at Odyssey last night we went to its next door neighbour Portofino which has a similar theme…Greek and Italian food plus a wood fired brick oven to boot. We actually had some more traditional Greek tavernas in mind but found them all closed on a Tuesday night in December.

That being said, we did not regret going to Portofino at all. We sat close to the oven, which was great for getting warm on a cool night and led to interesting conversations with the owner Stelios who was cooking his heart out. We will be talking about Stelios and his insights on the state of affairs in Greece in a later post, but let’s dive into some food for now.

Accompanied by some bread we started off with some local wine, the real local one they call a “Villagio”, to which connoisseurs of refined wine would say “horrible!!!!”…but we liked it – a lot. As our appetizer we chose the “Feta Saganaki” with peppers and tomatoes. A nice take on the dish, baked in the oven in aluminum foil, thus not browned but giving the feta a creamy consistency reminiscent of a good Myzithra.

As our main course we had a spinach calzone and a “Papoutsakia”. You can ask for any pizza on the menu to be turned into a calzone and that is exactly what we did – very nice dough and perfectly made in the oven. “Papoutsakia” is also made in the wood fired oven and is a wonderful dish, eggplants filled with minced meat and topped with a bechamel sauce and cheese. The dish got its name from the greek word for shoes, papoutsia, since the eggplants look like little shoes. Thumbs up for both!

Complimentary greek yoghurt with berries and raki was served at the end of the meal and it closed out a very enjoyable evening at the restaurant. We have to add that Portofino is also very kid-friendly and you can order smaller versions of some of their dishes (all pizzas included) at a lower price. They even have a padded diaper changing table in their restrooms – thumbs up, Portofino!

Check around our website to find more info on Paleochora in southwest Crete. For those of you who have decided to visit, here is a list of a few apartments and hotels in the Paleochora area. Happy travelling!

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Spinach calzone

Spinach Calzone:

Being able to turn any pizza into a calzone is fantastic. The fact that it tastes good doesn’t hurt either!


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