Porto Parasiris restaurant Panormos

At the harbour/beach area of Panormos you will find quite a few nice restaurants with a sea view and our choice fell on Porto Parsiris. It is a taverna/cafe/bar affair there, so if you don’t want to dine and just have a coffee with a view or sip on a cocktail at the bar you are welcome as well.

The kitchen and an affiliated market is across the street from the outdoor seating area which features the bar and nice, big tables to spread out. The wait staff is friendly and the owner welcomes every guest and roams around the tables to check on the patrons from time to time.

I admit that I was skeptical about Porto Parasiris at first because it looked a little like a tourist trap kinda place to me – and I was wrong on this one. The food is excellent and definitely above the average restaurant. We started of with breads and olives which was followed by a unique preparation of fried feta with wine syrup and sesame. Definitely get this one!

Next up: Fried Kalamari with excellent consistency (not chewy!) and taste, a solid pork schnitzel and great Cretan spaghetti with smoked traditional pork, local sausages and myzithra. For the last dish we had was well-prepared Salmon with risotto. Three different, complimentary desserts later we were filled to the brim – and happy that we tried out Porto Parasiris!

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