Prepping for the olive harvest

While in some areas the olive harvest has already begun, in our part of Western Crete harvest time is January and February. Nevertheless the owners of the olive trees are preparing the netting and are pruning the trees. We observed this during our puppy walks when suddenly parts of the street on our route where blocked by tree limbs and branches.
So, it seems there is a 3-step process on the way to olive goodness:

1. Prune the trees

What does one do with those limbs and twigs? Set them on fire! Unfortunately we were not around for the fire, but here is the aftermath:

2. Set sh*t on fire (the fun part)

Stakes are put into the ground and a netting is put up – or down I shall say. Time to get into the net manufacturing business I guess.

3. Put netting below trees

Now, back to sit and wait until harvest time…or will there be another step in preparing for the olive harvest? We have already learned where our local olive oil press is located, so we will get in line there once we see some harvesting action commence.

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