Sarakina gorge in Western Crete

Here we go – our first real hike on Crete. We decided to take this challenge starting from Meskla, walking through the gorge up to the village of Zourva and walking down on the road back to where we started. The hike through the gorge (and a little bit of walking on the road after leaving the gorge) to Zourva took a little over two hours. After lunch at the fabulous Taverna Rizinia it took another hour for the trip back to Meskla.

If people are telling you that this is an easy hike, they must be in excellent shape. We took quite a few breaks to catch our breath and put water into our bodies. There is apparently a round-trip route which will take you back to Meskla, but we decided to go all the way – and it was totally worth it.

Apart from the gorgeous natural beauty in parts of the walk, especially around the “gates” close to the beginning of the hike, we had fun finding shotgun shells (yes we are weird!) in various colours. The question that still bakes our noodles is: “Who was here and why did they fire shotguns?”. We might never know…

Here are a few impressions from the Sarakina gorge in Western Crete. Don’t confuse it with the gorge of the same name in South-eastern Crete, close to the village of Mithi.

How to get there:

The entrance is located a few hundred meters after exiting the village of Meskla up on the road to Zourva. You will pass the church and Taverna Halaris and in one of the sharp turns of the road you will find a dirt road leading down on your left side. You can actually park right after the turn…well, there is some space and we did it that way and still have a car.

Here is a little map giving you the basic route from Chania to Meskla: