Selino fortress, Paleochora

Paleochora, on the southwest side of Crete, is one of our favorite little towns.  It is built on the ruins of an ancient city that was named Kalamydi.  The town has about 11 km of coastline that runs along the Libyan Sea.  With stunning beaches that have crystal clear water, Paleochora is a relaxing place to spend a few days.

Situated on a peninsula, Paleochora has an ancient ruined fortress right at the tip of the city called Selino Kasteli.  It was built in 1278 by the Venetian general Marino Gradenigo, and has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the centuries.  The ruins were last occupied by the Germans during the Battle of Crete in WWII, and one can still see where the gun emplacements were located.

It’s a short walk to the fortress, and well worth taking the time.  While there is not much left of the ruin, you can clearly see where rooms were laid out in one section, and the walls still stand around the whole site.  The view over the sea (in all directions) from the Selino Kasteli is amazing, and at sunset can be breathtaking.

Selino is the perfect place to spend a few hours with your camera.  The surrounding environment of ocean, mountains, beaches and the picturesque town will provide lots of great photo ops.

The entrance stairs to the east of the fortress are accessed by walking right past a beautiful church with an accessible churchyard.  We happened to pass by during Mass, and the sound of services added something magical to our experience.