Fish Taverna Argentina, Kolymbari

Spring is here on Crete and start of the season is coming closer so more and more tavernas and restaurants are opening up. We decided to check out what places are open already in Kolymbari and opted for Argentina in the harbour area of this lovely village.

As we found out later while talking to the wait staff, Argentina is actually split into two locations, sea front and across the street in the back, with the latter location being open in Winter as well.

Interior and surrounding

After being seated we were invited to take a look at the fresh catches of the day (across the street) and it was a feast for fish lovers eyes. The waitress expertly explained about the various preparations that could be done with any of the fish presented.

The food experience

What better way than to start out lunch with some white wine and grilled bread, followed by avocado salad and mussels. All of the above where excellent and made us excited for the main dishes: fried Kalamari and a grilled Red Snapper, which weighed in around 2.5 pounds (1.2kg), caught in the Gramvousa area.

As with all “premium-grade” fishes on the island a red snapper is not inexpensive and is charged by the kilogram. Since the folks at Argentina are real experts in preparation of fresh fish this is money well spent if you want to treat yourself while on vacation.

A complementary fruity Greek yoghurt plus some raki (which they even replenished for free) completed a true lunch feast!

Our verdict:

Not an inexpensive experience when ordering fresh fish, but very well worth the money spent. If you are going with the standard menu items prices at Argentina are in line with the other tavernas in Kolymbari.

Great quality food, excellent service and a beautiful setting. Argentina is in the list of our top three restaurants in Kolymbari. As a sweet little touch you even get a little souvenir to take home with you…