The ferry and arrival on Crete

A very smooth ferry ride, a good sleep and a noisy on board announcement of impending arrival at Souda port we pack up the suitcases/backpacks we had torn apart for the night. The showers we wanted to take in the cabin did not happen – dear Crete island, please welcome two stinky foreigners with open arms…pretty please!

After a brief stroll of the puppies we meet with the agent of the rental car service in the parking lot of the port – we opted for a VW Polo – big enough to fit our luggage and small enough for winding mountain roads. First duty of the day is to meet with our realtor, but her office does not open until 9 AM, so we take a break at a kafeneon to fill our bodies with some much needed coffee and water.

Finally at the realtor’s office and they can’t get hold of the landlord…oh boy! Luckily they have the keys to the house we reserved and we follow our real estate up into the village of Meskla. A wonderful ride through orange and olive tree lined streets. Arriving at the house we take a brief tour and all is well…the landlord is supposed to stop by later in the afternoon.