We end the day by walking our dogs past the beautiful church of Meskla and the local taverna next to it to have an early dinner. Jackpot! You can find our opinion on the Taverna Halaris right here.

The young owner Kiriakos, who was serving us, spoke English very well and at the end of the meal sat down with us to have some – or should I say lots of – raki (home-made again of course). Dessert was greek yoghurt topped with sweat peaches in syrup, which was made by his mom. I did not know tastebuds could have an orgasm!

While sipping on raki, Kiriakos gave us some lessons on life in Crete…here are a few pointers:

  • Cretans love to swear and argue. I hope he will teach us swear words and the context to use them in over time.
  • Cretans do haggle…a lot.
  • Although Meskla only has around 450 inhabitants now there used to be some importance to this village – investigate, I will!

After another round of raki, story and joke telling Kiriakos made a statement that stuck with me. He sometimes want to leave the island and see other parts of the world and visitors keep asking him as to why, since the perception is he is living in paradise. His reply always is: “I work hard and on a day off life is good…but I am trapped in paradise”. We will see if our little family will feel the same way after some time, but for tonight we make our way home with a nice buzz on…to get some rest with the sound of dog barks echoing through the valley.