There is nothing like a holiday on Crete and we are on a quest to find the best videos that showcase Crete – the beaches, the people and the food. Here is one of the pearls we dug up…enjoy!

Visit Crete, Greece

The Island of Crete – See for yourself

See for yourself what Crete is all about. This video is a funny, well-produced tourism commercial for Crete. It highlights the diversity of the island…we prefer to call it a “mini-continent” though. Watch it and you will know why!

For you film-makers: Crete offers a huge variety of filming locations: snowy mountains, unspoiled beaches, Venetian ports and ancient monuments, all within a few hours drive.


  • GOLD βραβείο στην κατηγορία Διαφημιστική καμπάνια στα ελληνικά Tourism Awards 2014
  • Baku International Tourism Film Festival Azerbaijan 2014: Category: Country, Region, City – Golden Award
  • Zagreb Tourfilm Festival Croatia 2014: Best screenplay
  • 6th International Festival of Tourism & Environmental Film “SILAFEST” Serbia 2014: Silver Wave Best Tourism Film
  • 5th International Short Tourism Film Festival "YPERIA" Amorgos 2014: Third prize

Directed by Theo Papadoulakis, IndigoView Productions
Cinematography by Kostas Nikolopoulos
Edited by Theo Papadoulakis, Allan Michael, and George Pada

Special thanks to our actors:

Nikos Orfanos – Director

Glyn Idris Jones – Producer
Adonis Palierakis – Waiter

Music – "Minos Matsas-Sklavi Sta Desma Tous – Vasiko Thema (Slaves In Their Bonds – Main Theme)", sound recording administered by: EMI

Visit Crete, Greece