Agios Spyridon Church

Agios Spyridon Church

Agios Spyridon is a church built into the cliffs below the fortress. A few steps lead up to this beautiful cave church and as a bonus you get a nice sea view right from the front door. You can find more information on Agios Spyridon right here on Rock That Road.

Fortezza (Venetian Fortress) in Rethymno

Venetian Fortress (Fortezza)

The Fortezza is a definite must see when visiting Rethymno. This stunning Venetian Fortress towering over the city offers a unique cultural experience plus spectacular views over Rethymno and the surrounding areas. A no-brainer to include this Rethymno icon in our Top 10 things to do in Rethymno!

Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

Located right next to the Venetian Fortress is the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno. You will find exhibits depicting the history of the Prefecture from the Neolithic to the Roman period. Great for a rainy day or to cool off after visiting the Fortezza.

Venetian Harbour in Rethymno

Venetian Harbour

Yachts and fishing boats line the old Venetian harbour of Rethymno. During the summer months you will find some excellent fish restaurants here and in winter you can still enjoy a coffee at a couple of places.

Archaeological Museum of Rethymno

Rethymno Lighthouse

This small lighthouse is situated right at the Venetian harbour and is a much shorter walk to reach than the lighthouse in Chania. Enjoy the view of it while dining at the harbour or sitting on the nearby beach.

Rethymno beach

Beaches around Rethymno

There are several nice beaches in the Rethymno area. Depicted to the right is the beach right in the center of Rethymno, a stone throw away from the lighthouse and Venetian Harbour.

Stroll through the Old Town of Rethymno

Stroll through Old Town

To really appreciate the beauty of Rethymno just take a stroll through Old Town. Fascinating architecture, shopping and dining in one place – an ideal place to get lost in during an afternoon or evening walk.

Rimondi Fountain - Top 10 things to do in Rethymno

Rimondi Fountain

A small fountain in the heart of Old Town. Lined by four columns, three lion heads spill out water into a raised basin. These type of fountains provided drinking water to the city’s population during Venetian times.

Agios Spyridon Church

Neratze Mosque

Named Santa Maria church during the Venetian times it was turned into mosque Neratze (or Neratzes) by the turks in 1657. The minaret was added in 1890 and restoration on it has just been completed.

Church of the Four Martyrs in Rethymno

Four Martyrs Church

You will find this church at the “Square of the 4 Martyrs” which is located just outside of Old Town Rethymno. Pass through the “Great Gate” and on the left you will find the church which was opened in its current form in 1975. Definitely go inside if you have a chance!

Top 10 things to do in Rethymno

We love Rethymno! There is no doubt in our mind that this is one of the best cities to visit on Crete, on par with the lovely Chania further to the west of the island. With so many things to do in Rethymno we have compiled a list of our favourite places we encountered during our many walks through the town.

Have you visited Rethymno and have a recommended spot or activity? Let us know in the comments or send us a message! Also, check out some of the great places to stay in Rethymno by clicking the link below.