Tsikoudia and the signs of things to come

Tsikoudia, or Raki as it most often called, is one of those Cretan beverages that you either love or hate. Anthony Bourdain described it as pure varnish or paint thinner in one of his episodes of “No Reservations” and I guess he was right. Manolis from Taverna Rizinia calls it “Greek Whiskey” when serving tsikoudia to any non-greek person, but “Greek Moonshine” is more appropriate in my opinion. That being said, I love it.

A few weeks ago we learned that we actually have an active tsikoudia distillery right on our street…errm..dirt road, two houses over. We thought it was defunct, but our friend Kiriakos from the Halaris Taverna told us they will be starting to make tsikoudia sometime end of October.

Just two days after having heard this news, signs of things to come appeared on our dirt road.

What is in these barrels you ask? Well, pieces of grapes plus stems and seeds which were used for winemaking. The barrels are sealed and a 40-day fermentation process starts before the whole enchilada gets distilled.

If rumours are true, there will be a lot of drinking involved during the production. I’ll have a drink on that later tonight just for “body adjustment training” in order to be able to participate and be the last man standing.

I’ll keep you informed unless I’ll go blind from that stuff before I can post.

PS: The distillery is the same place that has the Monster Zucchini.