Vassilis Restaurant in Rethymno

While walking through the Old Town of Rethymno, making our way to the Fortezza, we stumbled upon Vassilis restaurant and decided to give it a try in the evening. It turned out to be the best decision we made on that day. It is a fabulous place for dining out in a quiet, cozy environment with excellent food.

After settling in the owner sat down with us we chatted for a while and found out that he moved to the current location not too long ago. The restaurant used to be in the harbour area for many years, but Vassilis found it to be too “touristy” and moved to a quieter spot – and we are glad he did!

Before diving into the foody part we want to give you a quick glimpse at the interior, but first we need to apologize for the “not so great” picture quality. Since we did not want to disturb other diners we opted for cell phone photography without using flash.



Having said that, here are a few pics of the lovely interior setting of Vassilis Restaurant in Rethymno. They certainly don’t do the charming and cozy atmosphere justice…


Let’s dive into the goodness of the food. Instead of going for the big plates we decided to have a variety of plates to taste. The owner helped us to pick out some items and we were glad he did! Starting out with some grilled bread with olive oil and herbs we treated ourselves to a Greek salad, followed by a creamy Staka and what we felt was the best dish of the evening – Grilled Cretan cheese, accompanied by grilled vegetables and topped with a homemade marmalade.

Next up were fried small fish, fried kalamari and homemade potato chips. Everything was to very, very good and even though we went a little heavy on fried food for our dinner it never felt that we washed our mouth in grease.

Vassilis served us complimentary Loukoumades (Greek fried dough balls with honey) and this was another dish we could have feasted on all evening long. The evening was finished with a long talk with the waiter who claimed he could cook better than the chef. He also asked us if we could guess the main ingredient for the marmalade that topped the grilled Cretan cheese. Our guesses were around the strawberry/raspberry mix line…and he revealed that it was actually tomato! Seriously, get that dish!