While travelling Crete you will have many moments that go by in the blink of an eye without the chance of recording them or taking a picture. In our Video Journeys we showcase some of the best videos we have found of the places we visited or plan on visiting soon. We would like to thank the creators of these videos and hope you enjoy a taste of Crete!

Today we are visiting the wonderful city of Rethymnon in central Crete.

Visit Rethymnon, Crete

Video Journeys: A birds eye view of Rethymnon

The Prefecture of Rethymno is the heart of the island of Crete and is one of the most beautiful places in Greece.
Rethymno awaits you with clear blue seas and Mount Psiloritis, there are traces of a civilisation that dates back 4,500 years, numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries, enchanting Venetian monuments, the most well-preserved Renaissance city in Greece, with endless beaches, caves, gorges and unique flora and fauna.

Rethymno and its villages are live postcards, which are pervaded by the aroma of Cretan cuisine and the sound of the Cretan lyre.

People live here amidst nature and emotions, outside the code of behavior found in big cities. No matter where you go, be it even to the most isolated village, our people will open their doors to you to treat you to a "tsikoudia" and befriend you.

Rethymno is the homeland of Zeus, the god of Hospitality. The great number of visitors who return repeatedly confirms the words of the poet: "Rethymno is not a place where you go to, but a place where you return."

This is the Rethymno we offer you as an alternative for your holidays and we invite you to discover it.

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Visit Rethymnon, Crete